A night like this…

I almost do not remember what year it was I remember the heat of the southern nights. I remember the light wind slowly rocking the palm trees. Also silence The incisive aroma of the sea. We were somewhere in South Carolina Maybe it was Beaufort. Maybe Hilton Head Island. Silvia and I were sitting there watching the reflection of the moon over the water.

She complained about the heat and humidity. I, on the other hand, loved it. There were hardly any people on the ride. Then we heard the sound of a couple of men carrying boxes in a truck. In front of one of the stores that were still open, a woman asked them to be careful. We approached and took a look. It was a clothing store.

The woman explained that they were liquidating. He invited us to go. The interior was a magical place. It was full of old objects and wonderful clothes. Immediately we perceive the southern style, the sincerity and elegance, the simplicity and the versatility. The woman told us that that place had been her dream for more than thirty years. We are pledged. We took a couple of more laps, we bought something, we felt that dream was over. We said goodbye.

Back at the hotel, I was just spinning around. I spent the whole night thinking. At dawn I woke up and took a shower. When I left, Silvia was up. He entered the bathroom and drew a word on my shoulder. He locked her in a heart.

Actually I do not know if it was a word. I said nothing. I got dressed and went outside barefoot. The sun was high. I had put on one of the clothes I had bought the night before. I lifted my sleeve and looked at my shoulder. EverLove. Then I saw it clearly….

Back to Spain we started to create Words have power. They burn in the darkness of memory like bonfires that illuminate a path that we do not always dare to travel. We wanted to make clothes. We wanted to sell something that would transport us to that place we came from. We still had the memory of that summer night with us. Moon. The ocean.

The gentle east wind rocking the heat and humidity. We were clear that the idea was to design timeless, simple garments, capable of transporting us to the past. A comfortable and safe place, where clothes were just another way of expressing personality. We were clear that this would not be just our dream, which would also be the continuation of that woman’s. South Carolina. 1986 1986. There was our beginning…